We are similar to a Chamber of Commerce in that we are member-based and have a wide variety of members. However, our members have agreed to accept trade credits as payment for their products and services. As a member of The Trade Alliance (a consortium of independently owned barter companies), you have access to trade with tens of thousands of other members in the US, Canada and around the world.

We offer you one of the world's largest barter marketplace, with access to ten's of thousands of members throughout the US and Canada and give you the e-business resources you need to build your bottom line with access to thousands of new customers, stronger cash flow, increased buying power, greater sales volume and access to new markets for sale of your products or services. 

Latest Information

·       You won’t pay more for goods and services in barter than you would in cash, a common problem in many other company’s barter transactions. Anyone charging more than their standard everyday prices is expelled after one warning.

·       No surprises! With few exceptions, all transactions are 100% trade. If a transaction involves cash, other than tax or tip, you will know up front.

  •      Trading is easy and available 24 hours a day even on holidays.

·       New goods and services are made easily available to all members everyday through our website and email bulletins go out daily highlighting new products and great values.

·       Our company commitment is to offer the best service and communications of any barter company. No excuses! 

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